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A full membership entitles the member (and family) to attend and participate in all club activities (meetings, projects, pyro events, social gatherings, etc). Members also have access to the club list server to talk about all things pyro related and are able to receive the club newsletter.

In addition, full members are able to build and fire pyrotechnic devices at specific club events. The club also holds a formal training seminar on pyro safety at least once a year – members are encouraged to attend at a discounted rate. We also hold informal safety talks on a regular basis.

All members are charged a $10 event fee per person when you attend a build/shoot weekend. This fee is collected at the shoot site the day of the build/shoot. The first event you attend as a new member is free. We also have the option of paying the years event fee in advance.

The knowledge and skills gained through participating in club events may enable the member to eventually work on a crew with 1.3G display companies.

You must join RMPG before you can participate in a club build/shoot event.

You may NOT join RMPG on-site at club build/shoot event.

If you wish to attend a club event and participate as a member, you must print the membership application from the website, fill it in completely, and send it in to the membership director along with a check and a copy of your driver’s license so it is received before the event you wish to attend.

A person may purchase a $25 temporary (one-day) membership at the build/shoot site. You need to download the form from the website prior to attending and bring exact cash or a check.  Forms are not available on-site at build/shoot events.  If you don’t bring a completed form, you can not be a temporary member that day. A temporary member may not build or shoot anything. The one-day membership allows you to be on the site, in the company of an RMPG member, but it does NOT allow you to handle live materials or participate in any way.

The club shoot site is about 50 miles east of Denver in an open field. A portable toilet is available, however the nearest food and gasoline is 20 miles away. Members must be self sufficient, providing their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), food and water (sometimes sun screen and insect repellent), and adequate clothing for both hot and cold conditions on the same day. More details will be explained when you are a member.

To join the Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild you need to complete the membership form below and mail it along with your check and a copy of your driver's license to the address on the application.

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